The Angelic Stone

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Seraphinite is the stone of spiritual enlightenment. This beautiful crystal’s name is derived from the Seraphim, who are angels of the highest order. This crystal is a dark-green colour with silvery-white  patterns, likened to feathery wings.

Seraphinite helps the physical connect to the angelic realm and promotes living from the heart. Seraphinite is also excellent for accessing self-healing.  This crystal assists with reviewing the progress of one’s life and identifying the changes needed  to place one on a path to peace and fulfilment.

I love wearing this crystal.  As much as I love all the other crystals I  keep gravitating back to this one!  My experience of wearing this crystal gives me a feeling of  gentleness,  a calm energy, and a concentration of the connection of self and the non physical realm. Seraphinite, is a truly beautiful crystal!


Our Angels our messengers


Our angels who watch over us are always sending us messages. Most of us are not aware that this messaging exists. Angels can send messages with numbers. Recurring numbers seem to show up. For example, before I moved house last year, the number twenty five was always coming to my attention. I would go to a coffee shop, order morning tea and be handed the number 25 to put on my table. I went on a trip with an organized tour, and I was the twenty fifth person on that tour. At the motel, the room number was 25! When I came home from the tour and started to look at houses to buy, I found myself being attracted to number 25 houses. When I looked up the meaning of the number 25 in Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers, the message for number 25 was, “As you go through major life changes, expect the best and your optimism will be rewarded.”

Another way the angels try to send us messages is through recurring songs being played on the radio. Alternatively, sometimes hearing the same word or the same topics from other different people, all communicating the same message.

A year later and the number 25 is coming up again, as well as the number 555. This means bigger changes to come!

Angels are everywhere

Angels are our dearest friends. They are here to help us. Unless we ask for their help, they cannot intervene.

Eighteen months ago I put a set of my friend’s house keys in a safe place in my house, so safe I couldn’t find them! I calmed myself down and asked the Angels to help me find the place where I had hidden the keys. Automatically, the first picture that came to mind was indeed the safe place where I had hidden the keys!

Thank you Angels.

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