Its time to meditate

Meditating on a rock

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind into a state of quietness. Meditation is a way to get into the space between your thoughts. To meditate daily, is very beneficial for your overall health. Meditation offers many health benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety. Meditation helps us close the door to our ego, that little voice that continues to talk to us constantly.  As little as ten minutes a day, you will find will be very beneficial. Through meditation, will help you get in touch with you, your source, and importantly listen. You will be much more aware of your thoughts and actions. Some people are active when they meditate while others prefer to sit or lie down. Which ever the way you prefer to meditate, you will discover the great benefits of good health, well-being and a state of inner peace.


Feeling Good!

feeling goodDo what you love concept on a blackboard

When you are doing something you love, you feel good! When you feel good, you generally experience feelings of joy, happiness and love. You become grateful, hopeful, and begin to trust your feelings.

When you trust your feelings, life becomes a smoother path to follow. Your feelings are your best gauge to cipher  whether you could go this way or that. Ask yourself,”Does this decision bring me closer to joy and peace of mind?” or, “Do I have a sick feeling in my stomach?” There is your answer.


Affirmations for the Zodiac

Pisces sign in the starry sky night city

Pisces Traits.

Positive: Kind, Compassionate and Intuitive.

Negative: Escapist, Over Sensitive and Pessimistic.


I am  compassionate and I naturally relate to others with love and understanding. Every day my intuition serves me better. Today is great. Tomorrow is even greater. I now choose to release every negative and fearful thought from my mind. I am open and receptive to having a future I love. I am creative. Opportunities are everywhere.

Affirmations for the Zodiac

vector of the aquarius zodiac sign

Little AquariusAquarius Traits

Positive: Friendly, Intelligent and Independent.

Negative: Unpredictable, Detached and Aloof.


I am a caring friend to all. I live freely and peacefully. My ideas come to me effortlessly and are unique. I relax my mind and focus on the present. I trust and allow myself to get close to others. I am open and receptive in my relationships and feel very much at ease.

Affirmations for the Zodiac

Symbol: Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Vector Illustration.

Capricorn Traits

Positive: Practical, Ambitious and Disciplined.

Negative: Moody, Workaholic and Pessimistic.


I am responsible and wise. I am successful. I am destined for great things. I love and approve of myself. I am confident in all things I do. I make time to enjoy myself. Although I am working hard on my goals, I am always having fun.

Affirmations for the Zodiac

christmas zodiac sign

Sagittarius Traits

Positive: Philosophical, Adventurous and Optimistic.

Negative: Impatient, Tactless and Careless.


I am adventurous and generous. I am patient and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. I have an abundance of energy to start tasks and plenty of patience to see them completed. I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. I am cheerful and fun.

Affirmations for the Zodiac


Scorpio Traits

Positive: Focused, Ambitious and Brave.

Negative: Jealous, Secretive and Manipulative.


I am trustworthy and passionate. I am powerful. I only attract loving and trustworthy relationships. I express my feelings openly. I practice forgiveness and I now feel free and light. Accepting myself unconditionally gives me the power to succeed. I am safe.

Affirmations of the Zodiac


Libra Traits

Positive: Diplomatic, Balanced and Charming.

Negative: Indecisive, Unreliable and Superficial.


I am kind and gentle. I make decisions easily without the influence of others. My ideas are powerful. I see the inner beauty of others. I am energetic and complete all my tasks. I am fair and just.