nearly time to say goodbye to 2015

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It is nearly time to say good-bye to 2015. It has been an extraordinary year for a lot of people. Universally, 2015 adds up to a number 8, 2+0+1+5= 8. The number eight rules money and fate. The number eight is also ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn rules karma, power, obstacles and responsibilities. Of course, karma comes back to fate. Collectively and personally, “What were we meant to go through in 2015?” “What were our experiences, and what did we learn in 2015?”

The planet Saturn was in the sign of Sagittarius from the start of the year to mid June. Saturn then went back to Scorpio where it resided until September, and then moved forward back into Sagittarius. Scorpio rules joint money, transformation, beginnings and endings. Sagittarius rules foreign countries, religion, education and law.  Sagittarius can be expansive and extravagant. Scorpio can be passionate and resourceful.

To sum up, 2015, some of us had a lot of expenditure and felt compelled to be extravagant. We pursued our passions and became very resourceful when we needed to balance the budget. Some, were delighted in receiving  extra income, or obtaining new possessions. Others couldn’t raise their heads above water! No matter what they did, money slipped through their fingers very quickly. A lot of us traveled to foreign countries, while others started brand new subjects to study. Regarding relationships, some transformed and took on a whole fresh persona. While others, transformed and became more passionate. Some, chose to go on their separate ways to obtain more freedom.

Regardless of what may have happened to us in 2015, I am sure some of us can say,” I have learnt a lot about………….and will make sure the next time I will.. ………….!”

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The unexpected happenings of the number four

Number Four on golden platform over black backgroundExpect the unexpected.

On the 1st October, I said to myself, “I am now in my 4 personal month, I wonder what unexpected situation is going to pop up?” My husband also was in the 4 personal month.

On the 16th October we received news that a family member had passed away. We booked our flights to Sydney for the wake which was held on a Saturday.While I was in Sydney I realized my uncle needed a helping hand so I booked another flight to come back down to Sydney two days after we got back home.

It never ceases to amaze me how we can gauge the type of themes we may experience through the vibrations of the numbers.

Self Discovery

It took me years of going through turmoil and dealing with everyday issues, for me to question myself as a person, and the role that I was playing in life. However, in doing so, the quest for self-discovery, gave me some sort of clarity behind the purpose of why I was here. The intense need for answers and help, in order for me to be able to cope with life, made me look into the areas that I was guided to, in order to discover an awareness about myself. Through my study in astrology, numerology and spirituality, these subjects gave me a thirst for knowledge, and kept me learning about myself in these specified areas, which led me to understand more about my journey.

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Searching for the truth

The truth book

We are born; at that moment, we are nothing but pure love. As we grow up, our parents and even the generations of family before our parents, impose their thinking, their fears and attitudes upon us. These emotions and thoughts seem to cover us with a veil. We spend most of our lives trying to remove this veil. From the veil of inherited beliefs we then choose through circumstances and events to find ourselves. Some of us get lost. We can lose ourselves in negativity and fear. Others, at some point, find that ‘light bulb moment’, remembering who we really are. Through astrology and numerology we have chosen circumstances and events, and in doing so, we can attempt to remove these layers or veils. Through our understanding of challenges we can evolve. We can find our truth and can create a loving, joyous and a peaceful life.

happy birthday

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Have you ever really thought about your date of birth? Our Birth date is so important. Our birth date is all about us. We are all creators who have picked circumstances and events to evolve into powerful beings.

Observing the planets and numbers

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I am an Astrologer. I have been practising astrology for the last twenty-seven years. Over that time, I have observed the planets and the effects they have on us. Likewise, I connected to the numbers and watched the effects numbers have on us. From our house number, to our personal year, the numbers all have an influence. “Everyone and everything is connected to the same source, power or intelligence.” It is through both my study and observation that I believe there is a strong connection between astrology, numerology and the quantum field.

2015 and your personal numbers

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Add your date, month and the present year to find out your personal year number.  Find out what 2015 has in store for you!  For example, if you were born on the 18th September the calculation would be 19.9.2015 = 1+9+9+2+0+1+5 =27 then reduce this number to a single digit 27 =2+7=9 the personal year is 9.

A personal 9 Year means endings are the theme for 2015.The completion of the 9 year cycle. Things, situations, places and people will go out of your life this year. You could leave your job, renovate your house, change your car. Life as you know it at work may change. Everyone use to get on so well and suddenly there is discord. You find it is not the same workplace. These are examples of situations that can happen in a personal 9 year.

A personal 9 year is not a good year to start things. For example I wouldn’t like to start a new business. It is a time of letting things go out of your life; to make way for the new beginnings for the next year in your personal 1 year.

2015 and your personal numbers

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Add your date, month and the present year to find out your personal year number.  Find out what 2015 has in store for you!  For example, if you were born on the 18th September the calculation would be 18.9.2015 = 1+8+9+2+0+1+5 =26 then reduce this number to a single digit 26 =2+6=8 the personal year is 8.

A personal 8 Year means money and achievement are the themes for 2015. A real desire to better your financial situation comes when you are in your personal 8 year. It is a time to take action and focus on your goals. Great achievements can be obtained while being in your personal 8 year. Be self-confident and self-disciplined. Some distractions are needed to be eliminated so you can focus on achieving your goals.

An increase in money is usually favoured during this year either because a new job has been obtained or a property has sold. A hobby, or a special interest could be placed out in the market and turned into a successful business. A personal 8 year is all about money, power and success.

2015 and your personal numbers

Number 7

Add your date, month and the present year to find out your personal year number.  Find out what 2015 has in store for you!  For example, if you were born on the 7th January the calculation would be 7.1.2015 = 7+1+2+0+1+5 =16 then reduce this number to a single digit 16 =1+6=7 the personal year is 7.

A personal 7 Year means reflection and self analysis are the themes for 2015. Under the personal 7 year, you really start to think about the direction of your life. You may feel more confused and at times feel a sense of disbelief about a place, situation or person.

This is a year when you need to find more quiet time, so you can reflect more  on your thoughts and actions. Go with the flow. 2015 is a great year to go on a retreat for quiet reflection. If you are not now regularly meditating, you might think about implementing meditation in your daily practice in the personal 7 year as this would be most beneficial to you.

2015 and your personal numbers

Number 6

Add your date, month and the present year to find out your personal year number.  Find out what 2015 has in store for you!  For example, if you were born on the 6th January the calculation would be 6.1.2015 = 6+1+2+0+1+5 =15 then reduce this number to a single digit 15 =1+5=6 the personal year is 6.

A personal 6 Year means family,responsibility and romance are the themes for 2015. The personal 6 year is all about family responsibilities and duties. A child or children may need more of your time or you may  need to take more responsibilities regarding the child or children.There could be more harmony within the family home during this year. New families may come together because of a marriage. The personal 6 year is a good year to marry. I find if you are single then this is the year that romance is likely to walk through the door.

The personal 6 year can also bring a health issue to the surface. This could be because the responsibilities of the family are weighing you down more than the harmony within the home.

Play music,invite friends and family home for a get together and enjoy each others company. Acceptance of duty will help make this year go smoothly.