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Astrology is a map of the heavens. Some of us choose to learn this map. Others, go to an Astrologer who creates a birth chart and interprets their chart for them. Astrology is a helpful tool in discovering who we are, and what we need to learn about ourselves. Astrology can also help us understand, why things happen when they do.



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Have you ever really thought about your date of birth? Our Birth date is so important. Our birth date is all about us. We are all creators who have picked circumstances and events to evolve into powerful beings.

Observing the planets and numbers

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I am an Astrologer. I have been practising astrology for the last twenty-seven years. Over that time, I have observed the planets and the effects they have on us. Likewise, I connected to the numbers and watched the effects numbers have on us. From our house number, to our personal year, the numbers all have an influence. “Everyone and everything is connected to the same source, power or intelligence.” It is through both my study and observation that I believe there is a strong connection between astrology, numerology and the quantum field.

Stress and Relaxation through the Stars

Segni zodiacali - Pesci

The twelfth sign of the Zodiac is Pisces. To experience Pisces energy, it is not just for people who have their Sun in the sign of Pisces and  were born in February or March. It is also  for people who have other planets in the sign of Pisces, their ascendent in the sign of Pisces, the nodes in the sign of Pisces, or as Pisces rules the twelfth house, have any planets sitting in the twelfth house, in your Astrology chart.

Pisces you are emotional and very sensitive. Because of  your sensitivities, you absorb peoples’ emotions like a psychic sponge. Absorbing other peoples’ emotions makes you feel stressed. Strong reactions from others make you feel stressed. This takes a toll on your body and mind. Stress, can also come in the form of decision making, as Pisces can often see two sides of the story. When stressed, Pisces loves to escape into the quiet and go to sleep.

Relax Pisces, by having a pedicure,  take yourself  shopping for a new pair of shoes. As water is very therapeutic for Pisceans,  a nice salt water bath, or a day at the beach would help to relax. Other than that, dinner and movies are relaxing activities.

Pisces also enjoy romance, the arts, going away and spirituality.


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It feels funny as I sit and start to write about the planet Neptune, I am already experiencing confusion! For me, Neptune has some wondrous features. The planet Neptune rules music, liquids, dance, the imagination and spiritual faith. It also rules poetry, romance, soft music and candlelight!   On the negative side, Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion and deceit. It is the planet that rules addictions, (drugs and alcohol).

The task of Neptune is to dissolve. For example; if transiting Neptune was sitting next to the planet Venus nataly (meaning where Venus was when you were born), it would lead to a possibility of a relationship coming to an end. A lot of artists and psychics have Neptune placed prominently in their astrological chart. On the flip side, Neptune can produce vagueness and escapism. Overall, I become a little apprehensive when I look at a Neptune transit, I love romance, but like us all, I am not keen on deception.