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It feels funny as I sit and start to write about the planet Neptune, I am already experiencing confusion! For me, Neptune has some wondrous features. The planet Neptune rules music, liquids, dance, the imagination and spiritual faith. It also rules poetry, romance, soft music and candlelight!   On the negative side, Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion and deceit. It is the planet that rules addictions, (drugs and alcohol).

The task of Neptune is to dissolve. For example; if transiting Neptune was sitting next to the planet Venus nataly (meaning where Venus was when you were born), it would lead to a possibility of a relationship coming to an end. A lot of artists and psychics have Neptune placed prominently in their astrological chart. On the flip side, Neptune can produce vagueness and escapism. Overall, I become a little apprehensive when I look at a Neptune transit, I love romance, but like us all, I am not keen on deception.


Behaviours Actions Responses

behavioursbrain behaviour

Responses, Actions, Behaviours. Thinking plus feeling equals behaviour. Where do our actions, behaviours stem from? Dr Joe Dispenza, in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, 2013, Hay House, states that the part of the brain that is called the cerebellum, the seat of the subconscious is responsible for our behaviour which involves the automatic responses that we don’t consciously think about.

I believe that our natal chart operates on the subconscious, the soul. We as souls choose our circumstances, our parents, which country we want to live in, and all the choices that are needed in order for our spiritual growth. The natal chart is our blueprint for our life experience here on the planet Earth. Our actions and behaviours are influenced by our thinking, our feelings and our responses to vibrations from other planetary bodies.