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Astrology is a map of the heavens. Some of us choose to learn this map. Others, go to an Astrologer who creates a birth chart and interprets their chart for them. Astrology is a helpful tool in discovering who we are, and what we need to learn about ourselves. Astrology can also help us understand, why things happen when they do.



Searching for the truth

The truth book

We are born; at that moment, we are nothing but pure love. As we grow up, our parents and even the generations of family before our parents, impose their thinking, their fears and attitudes upon us. These emotions and thoughts seem to cover us with a veil. We spend most of our lives trying to remove this veil. From the veil of inherited beliefs we then choose through circumstances and events to find ourselves. Some of us get lost. We can lose ourselves in negativity and fear. Others, at some point, find that ‘light bulb moment’, remembering who we really are. Through astrology and numerology we have chosen circumstances and events, and in doing so, we can attempt to remove these layers or veils. Through our understanding of challenges we can evolve. We can find our truth and can create a loving, joyous and a peaceful life.

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Have you ever really thought about your date of birth? Our Birth date is so important. Our birth date is all about us. We are all creators who have picked circumstances and events to evolve into powerful beings.

Observing the planets and numbers

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I am an Astrologer. I have been practising astrology for the last twenty-seven years. Over that time, I have observed the planets and the effects they have on us. Likewise, I connected to the numbers and watched the effects numbers have on us. From our house number, to our personal year, the numbers all have an influence. “Everyone and everything is connected to the same source, power or intelligence.” It is through both my study and observation that I believe there is a strong connection between astrology, numerology and the quantum field.


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Our emotional energy is very significant. How we feel has an enormous bearing on our reality. To feel good about ourselves is the key to an abundant life.  When we feel good and confident about ourselves then this helps us attract good into our lives. In Astrology the moon rules our emotions. The zodiac sign the moon resides in when you were born determines the way you react emotionally to people and events. There are twelve zodiac signs and twelve ways of expressing our emotions. For example, having the moon in Pisces gives that person the emotional characteristics of kindness, thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

We can learn a lot about ourselves through our emotions. Our moon sign allows us to get in touch with our emotions, to understand ourselves, to learn how we nurture, where we like to feel safe and secure and where we seek comfort. To understand ourselves better allows us to better understand others. This in turn will ultimately, help us lead a happier, peaceful and abundant life.