Its time to meditate

Meditating on a rock

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind into a state of quietness. Meditation is a way to get into the space between your thoughts. To meditate daily, is very beneficial for your overall health. Meditation offers many health benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety. Meditation helps us close the door to our ego, that little voice that continues to talk to us constantly.  As little as ten minutes a day, you will find will be very beneficial. Through meditation, will help you get in touch with you, your source, and importantly listen. You will be much more aware of your thoughts and actions. Some people are active when they meditate while others prefer to sit or lie down. Which ever the way you prefer to meditate, you will discover the great benefits of good health, well-being and a state of inner peace.


The Angelic Stone

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Seraphinite is the stone of spiritual enlightenment. This beautiful crystal’s name is derived from the Seraphim, who are angels of the highest order. This crystal is a dark-green colour with silvery-white  patterns, likened to feathery wings.

Seraphinite helps the physical connect to the angelic realm and promotes living from the heart. Seraphinite is also excellent for accessing self-healing.  This crystal assists with reviewing the progress of one’s life and identifying the changes needed  to place one on a path to peace and fulfilment.

I love wearing this crystal.  As much as I love all the other crystals I  keep gravitating back to this one!  My experience of wearing this crystal gives me a feeling of  gentleness,  a calm energy, and a concentration of the connection of self and the non physical realm. Seraphinite, is a truly beautiful crystal!


The Spiritual Helper

Amethyst beautiful

Amethyst is known as the peace, soothing or relaxing stone. I sat today holding two pieces of Amethyst in my hands, and then I felt my whole body relax. This crystal is ideal for meditation and spiritual guidance. Amethyst increases spirituality and enhances intuition.

Amethyst is also known as the great protector. A great protector against psychic attack, especially during spiritual work. In the past it was carried whilst travelling. It was believed to protect travellers against thieves.

It was believed that if a person drank from a cup made entirely of amethyst, they would be protected from becoming drunk. Amethyst is used today to help with addictions of any sort, sleep disorders,and pain, especially headaches.


New Beginnings

sun shiningclear quatrz

Are some of us feeling tired and uninspired? Maybe it is time to formulate some decisions with regards of what makes us feel, enthusiastic, passionate and excited!
As much as it feels exciting to start new projects, for some of us, the ego continues to interrupt our state of enthusiasm. It constantly niggles with the words, “Really? Won’t this be too hard”? Meditation is a good habit to practice at this point. Try to visualise your ego being pushed behind a door.  Then, after a period of time when your body feels relaxed and peaceful; when you feel nothing but love; and an overwhelming sense of joy. Yes, everything feels right. It is time to start!
Have faith, trust, and believe in yourself. Never lose sight of your dreams! Starting something brand new is a challenging time for anyone entering an unknown territory.
Crystals to use to assist you in new beginnings are: Clear Quartz, Jade, Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye.


the rosepink candles

Life seems a little hectic sometimes. We can get so busy and feel depleted. One thing we can do is, see if you can find at least ten minutes in the day for some quiet time. Find a comfortable place, sit down and try to relax.  Take a few deep breaths and then sit and listen to nothing for ten minutes. After that, take notice of how you feel?