Affirmations for the Zodiac


Leo Traits

Positive Traits: Generous, Optimistic and Loyal.

Negative Traits: Egotistic, Dominating and Arrogant.


I love and approve of myself. I release all drama from my life and now find energy from peace. I release the need to control and accept life as it is. I am sensitive to the needs of others.

Affirmations for the Zodiac


Cancer Traits

Positive: Creative, Loving and Caring.

Negative: Moody, Pessimistic and Overemotional.


I am creative and loving. I am happy, cheerful and full of joy. Only good experiences lie before me. Everything that is happening now, is happening for my highest good. I trust myself and others.

Affirmations for the Zodiac


Gemini Traits

Positive: Versatile, Adaptable and Communicative.

Negative: Superficial, Anxious and Restless.


I am versatile and adaptable. I communicate easily and listen to other people’s knowledge on all subjects. I love learning. I relax and quiet my mind. I am peaceful.

Affirmations for the Zodiac


Taurus Traits

Positive: Generous, Dependable and Persistent.

Negative: Stubborn, Lazy and Possessive.



I am generous and persistent. I am flexible and enjoy listening to all points of view. I am motivated and have plenty of energy to do all my tasks. I am joyful.

Affirmations for the Zodiac

Aries zodiac sign in circle frame


Aries Traits

Positive: Adventurous, Courageous and Enthusiastic.

Negative:  Impulsive, Undisciplined and Insensitive.


I am adventurous and courageous. I am self-disciplined.  My energy flows in the precise direction and the decisions I make are always carefully considered. I am patient.







Astrology deals with angles between the planets and their observed effect upon humanity. The signs are a way of dividing the heavens, so are the houses, but they are based upon the time and place of birth. The sign may be considered the field of action, the house is the place where the action occurs, and the planet is the motivating power of force.



oct 11 2013 012Musical notesNeptuneSamba dancing

It feels funny as I sit and start to write about the planet Neptune, I am already experiencing confusion! For me, Neptune has some wondrous features. The planet Neptune rules music, liquids, dance, the imagination and spiritual faith. It also rules poetry, romance, soft music and candlelight!   On the negative side, Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion and deceit. It is the planet that rules addictions, (drugs and alcohol).

The task of Neptune is to dissolve. For example; if transiting Neptune was sitting next to the planet Venus nataly (meaning where Venus was when you were born), it would lead to a possibility of a relationship coming to an end. A lot of artists and psychics have Neptune placed prominently in their astrological chart. On the flip side, Neptune can produce vagueness and escapism. Overall, I become a little apprehensive when I look at a Neptune transit, I love romance, but like us all, I am not keen on deception.


Solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse tonight 23rd October 2014.
It will have a powerful effect on us. There will be major endings and new beginnings. A time of releasing outmoded beliefs and seeing ourselves in a new light. A time of completion and new beginnings in the area of intimacy, sharing, power and money.

Venus in Opposition to Uranus


The planet Venus rules relationships, love, money and being social. Uranus rules changes and the unexpected. When two planets are 180 degrees apart they are in opposition to one another. Currently, this is where these two planets are placed. This opposition can indicate, being in a committed relationship versus personal freedom. Some of you now will be feeling this turmoil emotionally because of the see-saw effect of change and relationships. Likewise, this transit can also be played out by either a partner acting in a rebellious manner, or feeling not so secure in their relationships. You may enter a relationship unexpectedly, while for others, social occasions may not turn out the way they expected. Also, with money you could have changes regarding your income, investments or expenses. Whatever the situation some of you are experiencing; choices are to be made.