The Angel of Beauty


Archangel Jophiel is the angel to call upon when you want to bring some beauty into your life. Jophiel will help beautify any aspects of your life, especially relating to positive thoughts, and feelings of love, joy and gratitude. She can also help remove clutter from our lives, because she knows that an organised environment produces feelings of a better mood, and helps us to feel more energised. One area I have called upon Jophiel is that of personal beauty. Whether you ask her for help in trying to decide which outfit to wear for a certain function, or ask help in styling your hair, Jophiel is the Archangel to call upon. On occasions when I am undecided about my hair-style , I ask Jophiel to help me when I am blow drying to create a style that looks absolutely fabulous. This always seems to work. I have constantly been happy at the result and have consistently received compliments that my hair looks great!

Angels are everywhere

Angels are our dearest friends. They are here to help us. Unless we ask for their help, they cannot intervene.

Eighteen months ago I put a set of my friend’s house keys in a safe place in my house, so safe I couldn’t find them! I calmed myself down and asked the Angels to help me find the place where I had hidden the keys. Automatically, the first picture that came to mind was indeed the safe place where I had hidden the keys!

Thank you Angels.

073 palm beach angel