Stress and Relaxation through the Stars

Segni zodiacali - Bilancia

The seventh sign of the Zodiac is Libra. To experience Libra energy, it is not just for people who have their Sun in the sign of Libra and  were born in September or October. It is also  for people who have other planets in the sign of Libra, their ascendent in the sign of Libra, the nodes in the sign of Libra, or as Libra rules the seventh house, have any planets sitting in the seventh house, in your Astrology chart.

Libra’s energy become stressed when their environment, whether it is their family or working environment, is surrounded by discord. Libra cannot handle being in noisy environments or having to listen to harsh sounds. Making a decision can often cause a Libra to stress.  Libra can also become stressed when they don’t feel they have been treated fairly, or they have to confront someone over an issue.

Relax Libra, by going away to a secluded quiet environment, to read your favourite book and to play your favourite piece of music. These activities will calm your whole demeanor. A small dinner party will help you to relax and forget about your woes. Another way for Libra to relax is by doing Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

Libra enjoys being social, feeling peaceful and being in a relationship.

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