2015 and your personal numbers

number 2

Add your date, month and the present year to find out your personal year number.  Find out what 2015 has in store for you!  For example,  30.1.2015 = 3+1+2+0+1+5 =12 then reduce this number to a single digit 12 =1+2=3 the personal year is 3.

A personal 2 year means that relationships is the theme for 2015.This is the year you will meet new acquaintances. New friends will enter your life. Likewise, friends you haven’t seen for years will turn up out of the blue.

In a personal year 2 relationships will take on a new meaning for 2015 with your intimate relationships, work colleagues, next door neighbors or whoever it may be.

2015 is a year for the personal 2 year individual where diplomacy and tolerance are both needed. It is a year for co-operation and to be patient. It is a year to listen to more music and indulge in activities that treat you more gently.

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