New Beginnings

sun shiningclear quatrz

Are some of us feeling tired and uninspired? Maybe it is time to formulate some decisions with regards of what makes us feel, enthusiastic, passionate and excited!
As much as it feels exciting to start new projects, for some of us, the ego continues to interrupt our state of enthusiasm. It constantly niggles with the words, “Really? Won’t this be too hard”? Meditation is a good habit to practice at this point. Try to visualise your ego being pushed behind a door.  Then, after a period of time when your body feels relaxed and peaceful; when you feel nothing but love; and an overwhelming sense of joy. Yes, everything feels right. It is time to start!
Have faith, trust, and believe in yourself. Never lose sight of your dreams! Starting something brand new is a challenging time for anyone entering an unknown territory.
Crystals to use to assist you in new beginnings are: Clear Quartz, Jade, Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye.

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