Our solar system and us

solarchiron x2

The planets in our solar system make up our personality traits.

In Astrology our Sun sign represents our identity. Mercury is how we think. Venus is how we love and what we value. Mars rules our energy and is the planet of action, will and courage. Jupiter is where we expand in life. Saturn represents our responsibilities, limitations and self-discipline. The planet Chiron, is where we experience our deepest hurts and our most beneficial healing. Uranus represents our urge to change, our individuality and uniqueness. Neptune represents our imagination, intuition and ideals. Pluto represents how we transform and our obsessions.

These are a few of the traits represented by the planets. In addition to our genetics and planetary characteristics, there are so many intricacies that formulate our personalities. To learn about ourselves as a whole, the road map of life (our natal chart) is beneficial to understand our personal characteristics and life.

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