We can do It!

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Manifesting our aspirations and dreams is one of our sole purposes of life. Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer with feelings of self-doubt and fear. Self -doubt and fear kills our dreams, stops our creativity and paralyses our future. Likewise, self-doubt and fear can affect our health which can lead to problems with anxiety and depression.  It is time we all have faith, trust and believe in ourselves and never lose sight of our dreams.


Solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse tonight 23rd October 2014.
It will have a powerful effect on us. There will be major endings and new beginnings. A time of releasing outmoded beliefs and seeing ourselves in a new light. A time of completion and new beginnings in the area of intimacy, sharing, power and money.

Go with your Gut feeling

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Your feelings are always very important, especially when it comes to having to make decisions. Your feelings are the best gauge to cypher whether something feels right or not. Some decisions are not easy to make and we deliberate for hours, driving ourselves crazy, asking people’s opinions of what decision should we make? Ask yourself, “Does this decision bring me closer to joy and peace of mind?” or “Do I have a sick feeling in my stomach?” There is your answer!

Living at a Number 5

5 house

What have your experiences been while living at a number 5 dwelling? For those of you, who don’t know much about Numerology, we are looking at the number 5, and numbers that add up to a 5. For example; 23 = 2+3=5   32 = 3+ 2 =5   41= 4+1=5   50= 5+0=5     338 = 3+3+8 = 14 =   1+4 = 5.

The number 5 is all about change. While living in a number 5 dwelling you can expect changes in your life. Furthermore, anyone who has ever been invited to a number 5 house for a party, a dinner party or any other social occasion, always enjoys themselves. A number 5 house is a great party house. Likewise, living at a number 5, people seems to be able to increase their savings. They might come into some sort of pay out while living at a 5 residence. The downside, although finances seem to improve; relationships seem to flounder. Relationships can break up in a number 5 or at least be finely tuned in some way. This house number, number 5, always seems to have a lot going on for those who live under this vibration.



Venus in Opposition to Uranus


The planet Venus rules relationships, love, money and being social. Uranus rules changes and the unexpected. When two planets are 180 degrees apart they are in opposition to one another. Currently, this is where these two planets are placed. This opposition can indicate, being in a committed relationship versus personal freedom. Some of you now will be feeling this turmoil emotionally because of the see-saw effect of change and relationships. Likewise, this transit can also be played out by either a partner acting in a rebellious manner, or feeling not so secure in their relationships. You may enter a relationship unexpectedly, while for others, social occasions may not turn out the way they expected. Also, with money you could have changes regarding your income, investments or expenses. Whatever the situation some of you are experiencing; choices are to be made.

Peace be with us

getting ontogether

We can concentrate on our thinking and feeling nature to produce our very best actions and behaviours. We are here to learn our lessons in life. By being mindful of others and being aware of the relationships that transpire between ourselves and others, allows us to obtain inner peace and harmony on this planet.

Crystals for the traveller

car travellingMalachiteAmethyst beautifulmoonstone

These crystals are known for their protective qualities for travellers:

Malachite is a powerful travel protection crystal if you are travelling by air. Malachite protects against accidents. During trips of overseas travel by air this crystal will be very beneficial. Protects the wearer from harm. Malachite should be cleaned regularly as is soaks up pollutants in the air and body.

Amethyst has been used as a protection stone for travellers for thousands of years. This stone has a calming influence as well as being protective. Carrying or wearing the Amethyst crystal, many believe, will guard you while travelling to long distances or just travel in general.

Moonstone is another crystal that is very beneficial to carry while travelling. Its protective qualities are more dynamic when travelling by sea. Known to be a very beneficial  stone to carry  for the protection for travellers.

Malachite, Amethyst and Moonstone allows you to travel with peace knowing you are protected.

Our solar system and us

solarchiron x2

The planets in our solar system make up our personality traits.

In Astrology our Sun sign represents our identity. Mercury is how we think. Venus is how we love and what we value. Mars rules our energy and is the planet of action, will and courage. Jupiter is where we expand in life. Saturn represents our responsibilities, limitations and self-discipline. The planet Chiron, is where we experience our deepest hurts and our most beneficial healing. Uranus represents our urge to change, our individuality and uniqueness. Neptune represents our imagination, intuition and ideals. Pluto represents how we transform and our obsessions.

These are a few of the traits represented by the planets. In addition to our genetics and planetary characteristics, there are so many intricacies that formulate our personalities. To learn about ourselves as a whole, the road map of life (our natal chart) is beneficial to understand our personal characteristics and life.