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On average, we experience between 50,000 to 70,000 different thoughts per day! Mostly, we are all responsible for how we think. For example, when you wake up on you’re  first day of your long awaited holiday and you find that it is raining. What is your first thought? Is it, “Oh no, my holiday is ruined”! Or, do you think? “Lovely I can curl up on the lounge and I can read that book today”!

Our thinking is very important as it creates both present and future events. The important point is this: “We can change our life by changing our thoughts”. If your intention is to think and feel good thoughts, then for example, if you have been desiring a new job, or a holiday, or even a car or whatever you may feel you would desire, those good and positive thoughts and feelings go out to the universe. They then return and deliver what you really want and need. This is especially so when you think and feel with both passion and joy. We are all creators!