Time gets away


One year ag0 yesterday I started this blog. Over this past year I have experienced many changes in my life. I am still amazed  that I never stop learning about life and oneself. When I think, “Yes I’ve got it”,  “I know how to practice self love, to think positive affirmations, to accept others and surrender to the universe when required”.  “Easy”,  life goes on and then one morning I wake from my sleep and can’t move my shoulder!

I experienced severe shoulder pain. I took medicine, underwent physiotherapy, nothing seemed to be working. Then I realised I had pent up anger. I meditated and I began to forgive the persons who I perceived had wronged me. Like a miracle, as I forgave and quelled my anger, my shoulder pain and stiffness began to dissolve over a matter of hours.  The need to forgive, to understand the other party and let the anger go, I submit, is a real healing process. This  exercise is beneficial for mind, body and spirit!  It is easy to fall back to old patterns of thought, to those subtle negatives that seem to creep into our lives.

Everyday we need to be mindful of who we really are. Some people take a walk, others meditate, some dance, whatever you choose to get in touch with your spirit is always  beneficial to you.

Look within all the answers are there for us all.