Moon Aquarius

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I am experiencing the last degree of my Progress Moon in Aquarius. A progressed planet, including the moon, is where the planets were sitting any calender days after you were born.  Every day after you were born represents one year for the planets. This allows you to see a chart for the future (a progressed chart) for any year you decide. For example, your chart at 40 days after you were born will have planet aspects of of what you will experience at 40 years (or have experienced if you are older).

Considering that I am an Aquarian; I loved the whole experience of the Moon Aquarius Progression. During this period, I changed my house, car and work. The Progression brought about changes for my friends also.This because Aquarius rules friends, groups hopes and wishes. The progression gave me the opportunity to free myself from my mundane job. It allowed me to create work for myself that represents for me  both change and freedom. I moved into a bigger home with more space and with expansive views. This in turn, gives me a further feeling of freedom.

The last time I went into this progression was the period March 1984 through to December 1986. The Moon in Aquarius also brought about huge changes into my life. I moved from the Sunshine Coast down to to New South Wales and then to far north Queensland, Australia. There were lots of changes. I starting a cleaning job. My first marriage suddenly ended. I moved house I changed my car.  And yes, my work!

I may be in my eighties the next time my Progress Moon in Aquarius comes around. I know this time around it definitely brought my wishes to fruition. I do love Progress Moon in Aquarius!!