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Seraphinite is the stone of spiritual enlightenment. This beautiful crystal’s name is derived from the Seraphim , who are angels of the highest order. This crystal is a dark green colour with silvery white patterns, likened to feathery wings.

Seraphinite helps the physical connect to the angelic realm and promotes living from the heart. Seraphinite is also excellent for accessing self healing. The crystal assists with reviewing the progress of one’s life and identifying the changes needed  to place one on a path to peace and fulfillment.

I love wearing this crystal. I was very fortunate my husband picked this piece of jewellery for me for my birthday (even if he didn’t understand its significance)! As much as I love all the other crystals I  keep gravitating back to this one!  My experience on wearing this crystal gives me a feeling of  gentleness,  a calm energy, and a concentration of the connection of self and the non physical realm. Seraphinite, a truly beautiful crystal!

february the month of Love


There is no better time then the present to think about your loved one. How many times do we get lost in our day to day activities: our errands, our family and our work. Lost, we often take that special person for granted. Think about your partner and the reason you said, ” I do!” February allows us to be reflective and if we wish ignites our passion for love.

Astrologically the planets Venus, which rules love, and the planet Saturn, which rules commitments, are making an aspect (a sextile) to each other. How many couples are popping “the question”?  How many Scorpio’s  are making new commitments?