Let the good times roll!

people laughingpeople having fun

Humor and fun contribute to our total well being. When we are enjoying ourselves, we forget about our woes. We are not thinking about the job we need or where’s the money coming from to pay the bills. Troubles are forgotten when our minds are totally focused on just having fun. Humor and fun are both needed to help us feel good.  Three is the number that rules enjoyment and creativity. If your ruling number or the day you were born is the 3rd 12th 21st or 30th you really enjoy having a good time. Likewise, Sagittarius and Leo are both star signs who also love to play and have fun. Do you know any of these special people? If so, organise a get together and then let the good times roll!

Lets Stick together

number 2            lets celebrate

If you have the number 2 in your profile, whether it is your day or ruling number, this number is all about relating. The two vibration represents  sensitivity and the love to co-operate, diplomacy and intuitiveness. Relationships are very important, as the number 2’s love being and working with others. Patient and loving, they strive for fairness in relationships. The two’s have a love of beauty, and they try creating pleasant surroundings. The 2s must learn not to be so self-sacrificing in order to preserve peace and avoid confrontation. The 2 associates with the sign of Libra in Astrology and is ruled by the moon. Who can identify with the number 2?