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Presently, the planet Mars is currently squaring planet Saturn. What does this mean for us? Where the planets are transiting in your Astrology chart will give a more personal view. However, overall, the energy of the transit will be felt collectively as a ‘push or pull me’ reaction. Mars is the ruler of war, action and anger. Saturn rules control, self discipline, and caution. When it comes to ‘Anger’, what happens?  We may release our anger then quickly reflect on what we are saying and doing in order to try and control our emotions.

The transit will challenge us with much-needed self-discipline to exert our energy into the areas of life we have been thinking about but have lacked the motivation and drive to execute the tasks kept idle in the past. Fate will step in and stir up our emotions to make changes that are needed to move us to places that are for our highest good. We may feel argumentative, hard to get along with, or we may have a heavy workload. With Mars square Saturn; authority figures may stir our emotions. This will subsequently make us have a good look at ourselves and give us an opportunity to do more inner work on ourselves.

This transit may cause challenges but also allow for growth.

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  1. Hardy Fran · September 25, 2013


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