The Angel of Beauty


Archangel Jophiel is the angel to call upon when you want to bring some beauty into your life. Jophiel will help beautify any aspects of your life, especially relating to positive thoughts, and feelings of love, joy and gratitude. She can also help remove clutter from our lives, because she knows that an organised environment produces feelings of a better mood, and helps us to feel more energised. One area I have called upon Jophiel is that of personal beauty. Whether you ask her for help in trying to decide which outfit to wear for a certain function, or ask help in styling your hair, Jophiel is the Archangel to call upon. On occasions when I am undecided about my hair-style , I ask Jophiel to help me when I am blow drying to create a style that looks absolutely fabulous. This always seems to work. I have constantly been happy at the result and have consistently received compliments that my hair looks great!

Yes? No?


Presently, the planet Mars is currently squaring planet Saturn. What does this mean for us? Where the planets are transiting in your Astrology chart will give a more personal view. However, overall, the energy of the transit will be felt collectively as a ‘push or pull me’ reaction. Mars is the ruler of war, action and anger. Saturn rules control, self discipline, and caution. When it comes to ‘Anger’, what happens?  We may release our anger then quickly reflect on what we are saying and doing in order to try and control our emotions.

The transit will challenge us with much-needed self-discipline to exert our energy into the areas of life we have been thinking about but have lacked the motivation and drive to execute the tasks kept idle in the past. Fate will step in and stir up our emotions to make changes that are needed to move us to places that are for our highest good. We may feel argumentative, hard to get along with, or we may have a heavy workload. With Mars square Saturn; authority figures may stir our emotions. This will subsequently make us have a good look at ourselves and give us an opportunity to do more inner work on ourselves.

This transit may cause challenges but also allow for growth.

Time to Start

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Are some of us feeling tired and uninspired? Maybe it is time to formulate some decisions with regards of what makes us feel, enthusiastic, passionate and excited!

I am in my personal number one year and now I have just entered into my personal number one month. The one vibration is a good time for new beginnings, new projects and new ideas.

I have commenced a course in helping to empower teenagers. I am in the midst of trying to create my brochure. I have applied for my Blue Card (a government requirement for anyone working with children). As much as I feel excited and passionate about my new project; my ego interrupts my state of enthusiasm. It  says to me, “Really? Won’t this be too hard”? Then I grab my crystals, shuffle my Oracle cards, look at my Astrology chart and after that I meditate. I visualize my ego being pushed behind a door.  After that, in my time of peace; I feel love; I feel an overwhelming sense of joy, everything I am doing feels right. It is time to start!

Have faith, trust, belief and never lose sight of your dreams! Starting something new is a challenging time for anyone entering a new territory.

The crystals that will assist you in new beginnings are: Clear Quartz, Jade, Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye.