We are all the same

Magical water

We are all the same; yes every single one of us. But do we realise how powerful we are? There are some amazing teachers out there helping us to learn about ourselves. I have just attended a two day conference in Melbourne, Australia, with many inspiring speakers. I have been on this quest; learning about life, how it works, what sounds right to me. I have being saying to myself, “Oh yes, I’ve got it now”. I have said this for years! But guess what? I didn’t stay on the pathway of spiritual truth. I kept falling back to familiar patterns, my old ways, my old conditioning. There comes a time when we seriously need to look at ourselves and make life easier. The words resonate with me, “Know thyself”. How do we do this? We should remember to have those still moments. Meditate and close the door to our ego, even as little as ten minutes in the day. Get in touch with you, your source, and importantly listen. I suggest; if you want your life to change, don’t complain if life doesn’t seem to be going your way but rather feel and think of what you want with joy and certainty. What you desire will come, the law of attraction says it will. Surrender your problems to spirit and know that we are love and it surrounds us every day!

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