Archangel Gabriel

doreen angel

At this moment, I feel Archangel Gabriel’s presence around me. Therefore I’ve decided to write about this Archangel. For anyone who has any astrological knowledge, I personally have the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn all sitting in the fifth house of children. Transiting Pluto has parked itself right next to my Mars and Saturn for many months now. It is no wonder that I would like to work with children on some sort of level at present. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger. This is the angel to call upon when you need assistance. Gabriel will help give you clear messages, and helps messengers themselves, (e.g. teachers, writers, counsellors, actors and artists). Gabriel helps people who wish to work with children as the Archangel is very concerned about children’s welfare. This angel also, is the angel to call upon regarding any aspects purporting to children, such as, conception birth and adoption. Archangel Gabriel is one of my favorite angels.

One comment

  1. Hardy Fran · June 1, 2013

    Hi Sharon ,
    Thank you for your message. It was just what I wanted to here. Joseph is playing football today at Suncorp stadium. I will be sending Archangel Gabriel to his side.Thanks for the love

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